Regular Auditing Can Help Enterprises Cut Their Telecom Expenses

Enterprise-scale companies today expend resources on many different things, but a few common cost centers crop up again and again across a wide variety of industries. Telecommunications expenditures often rank high on the list of how a given company spends money, and these figures likewise frequently conceal real opportunities for savings. Some enterprises will go years without seeking out and realizing such possibilities for improvement, and this will inevitably mean that money is wasted. Commissioning a thorough, incisive telecom audit from a provider that specializes in this kind of work can be one of the easiest ways of all of cutting costs.


The typical telecom expense audit will involve collecting and analyzing all the available records in order to seek out errors and opportunities for negotiating a better deal. With tens of thousands of calls or more every month, billing errors are surprisingly common, and carriers do not tend to try to discover or highlight these for their clients. A telecom audit which reveals that even a small fraction of the calling activity associated with a particular firm was billed improperly will often pay for itself on that basis alone.

At the same time, this is also only the most basic by which an audit can help. For companies that manage telecom bills in ways that are lacking in strategy and thoughtfulness, an audit will typically reveal plenty of avenues for improvement. Whether that means finding out how to make better use of an existing carrier’s plans and offerings or switching to a new provider entirely, auditors will often be able to point out some interesting and potentially rewarding options.

As with other kinds of auditing, it will always be important, for this reason and others, that the company commissioned for the job be independent. A neutral, unbiased perspective will always yield the best results for clients, and any kind of interest in preferring one carrier over another should be avoided.

Beyond seeing to that, however, most larger companies will have little to lose by commissioning work of this kind. Even an occasional audit can make for an excellent way of ensuring that things remain on track, while more regular attention can produce even more significant returns. What matters the most in just about every case is that spending too much money on telecommunications should not be taken as an unavoidable reality of doing business. Instead, companies of a certain scale should always seek out ways of keeping their associated costs down at all times.